Friday, December 5, 2014

Partying With Mrs. Peck

The engagement party was a success! There was wine LOTS of wine, wedding talk, a fabulous cheese plate and drunken dancing with Mrs. Peck. Kelsey’s name changed to Mrs. Peck after about 2 glasses of wine.
As promised, here is the gift I put together.
1.} I got the chalkboard at the craft store, added some gold paint and a stick of chalk with washi tape and, BAM! this chalkboard sparkles like that diamond on her finger.
2.} This candle I just got at the drug store, ripped off the vanilla sugar cookie label and stuck my label on.  I made the label in PicMonkey and printed it on full sheet label paper. 

It was such an easy gift to put together and I thought these were two things a bride to be could really use, a countdown calendar and a candle to help her relax during all the planning. She loved it, and the chalkboard worked great as a decoration during the party!
Here are a few of my favorite pics from the party!
Presents for mrs. Peck!
xoxo, love you bf!

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