Thursday, December 18, 2014

#TBT My Wedding Season Looks

Bridesmaid-Dress Lazaro-Wedding-Dress Lamb&Lobster

In honor of #tbt I though I would do a recap of all of the looks I wore during Wedding Season this year! This summer we went to 8 weddings and I was in two of them. It was by far the busiest, but most fun Wedding Season yet! With all the events-showers, bacheloretee parties/weekends,rehearsal dinners and the actual weddings it can be tough to find the perfect outfit for each. Here is a look at how I tackled Wedding Season with only one outfit repeat :)

Shower look and Rehearsal Dinner look

Wedding-Shower-Outfit Lamb&Lobster
Yellow Dress (Zara)

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette-Party-Outfit Lamb&Lobster
Sequin Romper (Zara)

Bachelorette-Party-Outfit Lamb&Lobster
Black Sequin Dress (Mango)

Wedding Looks
Wedding-Outfit Lamb&Lobster

Wedding-Outfit Lamb&Lobster
Pink dress (BCBG) | On Him: Jcrew

Summer-Wedding-Shoes Lamb&Lobster
Shoes (Mia - Nordstrom Rack)

Wedding-Outfit Lamb&Lobster
Purple Dress (Wilfred-Aritzia) | On Him: Jcrew

Long-Bridesmaid-Dress Lamb&Lobster

Long-Bridesmaid-Dress Lamb&Lobster
Black Bridesmaid Dress (Bill Levkoff) | On Him: Jcrew

Gray-Bridesmaid-Dress-Style Lamb&Lobster
Gray Bridesmaid Dress (Bella Bridesmaid)

Wedding Style-Romper Lamb&Lobster
Orange Romper (Wilfred-Aritzia) | On Him: Jcrew

Where do you shop for wedding season outfits? 
xo, margeaux


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    1. Thank you :) Such a good find too, found it at Nordstrom Rack!